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維珍航空 Virgin Atlantic 25th Anniversary

很榮幸能為「維珍航空 25 週年」的慶祝活動做了2個霓虹燈,場地是一家位於上環超有特色的酒吧 @ Ping Pong 129 - Gintonería,環境暗暗的本來的燈飾佈置就已經跟霓虹燈很搭配,出來效果超有品味。

Love the two lights we created for Virgin Atlantic's 25th Anniversary celebration party. The venue for the party — @ Ping Pong 129 - Gintonería, is an arty bar located in Sheung Wan, that matches the party theme our neon lights very much too. At a dim environment with its original lighting and decorations, the atmosphere was amazing!


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