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Pizza Express・Crazy Rich Flavour

Pizza Express 經常驚喜不斷帶給食客們新口味的 Pizza 和菜式,今次推出了新加坡風味菜單的新口味系列「Crazy Rich Flavours」,活動中更有合作設計其中一啲菜式的新加坡名廚郭文秀來了,親身嚟咗香港同大家見面。 新口味系列「Crazy Rich Flavours」的產品推廣活動中,我們做了2個燈。白色的 Pizza Express Logo 燈很容易配搭,再加上主題的「Crazy Rich Flavours」字燈牌用了最多客人和活動喜愛的玫紅色,掛在草牆上做打卡位置很適合,簡簡單單但呢個配搭永遠都超襯!

Pizza Express never fail to surprise its customers with new menu from time to time, "Crazy Rich Flavours" is Sinaporean style dishes which is highly recommended. In this menu launch event, Singaporean celebrity chef Justin Quek, who collaborated in designing some of the dishes, appeared in Hong Kong to meet with some fans this time.

And we have created two logos for the event, with Pizza Express and campaign branding. Neon lights on grass walls are simple but never disappointing!


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