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COMBO Entertainment — Our First Showroom

We are proud to announce our first showroom in Hong Kong, located in Causeway Bay at COMBO ENTERTAINMENT — an amusement and party venue, with 10 customised LED neon signages ready for you to visit!

NEON LIGHT HK 一向以網店形式經營,今次跟銅鑼灣最大型娛樂及派對場地 COMBO ENTERTAINMENT 合作,打造全港第一個LED霓虹燈飾SHOWROOM。 全場共10個霓虹燈打卡位,可以直接以Walk-in 形式入場 (需入場費),或包場開派對邊玩邊打卡亦可。Walk-in或包場查詢:

(852) 2203-4277

(852) 61668004 (Whatsapp)


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