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Mason Garments is a high-end footwear label established in 2012 by designer Rendi Aditia. Growing up in the 90’s and seeing his mother and elder brother wearing high-end garments, is the first time that Rendi interacted with upscale brands.

Experiencing an indescribable feeling of wearing luxury items as a young kid, Rendi had a dream of building a footwear brand that reflects his own style and personal interest. After molding his ideas into designs and finding the right partners for his brand, Rendi started Mason Garments.

The name “Mason” is a reference to masonic ideology, meaning being in a circle with productive individuals, who may not be in the same field, but all strive to achieve success. The current Mason Garments team consists of members that come from different backgrounds but share the same vision and together form a creative collective.

We created 4 lights for their shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Love how these colorful neon lights enlightens every customers yet bringing good vibes to the shop!


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