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Red Bull・檸轉夏天 Summer Twist

Red Bull 於大館同一眾好友慶祝「檸檬青檸味」限量版夏日新口味登場, 俾大家更有活力 "檸" 轉夏天!當日現場除了有DJ表演,即影即有影相位、霓虹燈主題波波池、Beer Pong遊戲、跳舞表演、面部彩繪,當然更加唔少得全晚都非常忙碌嘅酒吧位,不斷調製出由 Red Bull 檸檬青檸味混合嘅飲品俾大家! 我地今次製作的霓虹燈牌是活動主打打卡位置,配合波漫池場景,做左個1x1米大既圓形燈牌。用上超多顏色 "檸" 轉夏天!

Incredible event and party experience with Red Bull, for their "Summer Twist Party 2019", promoting their Summer limited edition Energy Drink. With DJ and dancing performance, as well as entertainment such as Beer Pong and face painting, we created a 1 x 1 meter neon light for their beach-themed Ball Pit! 7 colors were used in the neon sign, perfect match with its colorful Ball Pit and neon themed party!


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